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Are aluminum awnings GREEN?

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There are many products available today in the home improvement market that are considered “green.” However, most people overlook one of the most obvious products that has been available since the mid 40’s—The Aluminum Window Awning— an attractive product to have installed on your home or business that will surpass the initial cost many times with the money saved on energy costs.

Aluminum awnings provide complete protection from the heat and damaging rays of the sun. Awnings on the southern and western sides of a home are perfect examples of energy cost savings when cooling the home.

A white aluminum awning reflects the sun’s heat away from the window and the home, thus cutting the cost of energy to cool a home. Most consumers realize that the sun can be very damaging when coming thru a glass window and onto the window sill, the furniture, drapes, and carpet.

For example, take a wood end table with a lamp sitting on the table and place it by a window without any type of sun protection. Wait a few months and move the lamp. You will see a perfect ring where the lamp was sitting. The sun has damaged the exposed wood. The sun’s rays are also damaging the drapes, furniture, and carpet which will cause them to need replaced sooner.

Awnings can also provide interior and exterior protection for your home against hail producing storms and airborne debris. Replacing windows or repairing interior damage to the home that may be caused from flying glass, wind, or rain, can be more costly than replacing or repairing a window awning.

And if the awning is damaged beyond repair, it is aluminum and 100% recyclable. Therefore it can be used to produce other products, thus saving our resources for future generations.

In addition to aluminum awnings, patio covers provide the same type of savings. Patio covers provide protection against the elements beating down on wood decks. This means less treating and sealing the deck, and fewer trees are cut to make new decks.  As a result, fewer chemicals are entering the environment and more resources will stay in our forests for future generations.

Moreover, an aluminum awning or patio cover is an investment that not only retains its value, but is returned to the consumer many times greater than the initial cost of the investment. And at the same time is saving energy and natural resources.

Best of all, awnings and patio covers are products made in America by Americans in the local St. Louis economy.

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